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What do you want from life and from work?

You’ve worked hard and you’ve achieved much, but you’ve started to feel there might be something more, should be something more.

It feels like it must be right around the corner…

It is! And I’m here to help you turn that corner, turn that page, create your future and step right into a new experience of your life.

Many of us get to a point where we suspect we’re in a rut, crapped out, trying to decide on the next chapter. Perhaps you get the feeling of “going through the motions” or that something is missing?

Or are you simply curious about what seems to be just out of reach?

They’re all valid places to step out from. I’ve been there myself.

Let me help you create the future and step right into it, reach that golden ring. I’ll help you get there with Compassion, Intuition, Experience, & Humor.

You’ve come this far. Don’t stop now.

Today, take this opportunity for yourself to make a change in direction for the rest of your life.

There is literally no time like the present.

Let’s talk.


We’re all human;

We all have suffered;

We can lift each other up.

When you’re coaching with me, you enter a judgement-free, love-infused, safe zone.



Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and nonconscious parts of our mind.

I have spent decades training my intuition, 2-1/2 of them in formal intuitional training, and hundreds of hours training in direct coaching training.

In all areas of my life, I specialize in bridging planes of understanding.



Aside from significant training and having successfully coached many clients, I have continuously started, created, opened, closed, sold several businesses over the past forty years.

I’m a graduate of the stringent 200+ hour ICF Accredited Accomplishment Coaching Ontological coaching training. I’m trained in 200 ontological coaching tools.

Oh yeah, and I have three grown sons. Any parent knows the kind of experience that gives you!


Life can be soooo serious, it’s true. But when you think about it, didn’t a lot of our dreams arise in play?

A bit of loving humor can take the edge off things. I’m sure the Creator has a sense of humor.

I see it every time I fall flat! Playfulness is next to godliness. And joy.





Ontology is a branch of philosophy that studies the nature of humans as individuals, in society, and in the Universe.

Ontological is sometimes defines as dealing with the nature of being.

In the context of my coaching practice, I am always listening for the context and meaning behind what is being said. We always express more than our words. This is the “trees for the forest” perspective. It informs curiosity and helps me show you to you, to broaden and allow leaps in perspective.


What my clients have to say 

“Steve listened to me intently, and asked me questions that helped me bring clarity to the issues that were troubling me. He helped me make commitments to myself to pursue the resolutions I had arrived at through his skillful feedback. At the end of each session I felt renewed and rewarded for the efforts by Steve’s positive and upbeat praise. Steve helped me with the self-care I needed.

So thank you Steve! “

~ Janet F, Attorney, Millbrae, CA

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the benefits of having a wellness coach like Steve. Supportive in helping me set goals for myself, while motivating me along the way.

As the owner of a small business it was important for me to establish personal growth in order for my business to grow with me. Steve played a huge part in that.

I highly recommend him and his services.”

~ Melody B, Nutrition and Health Coach, San Luis Obispo, CA

A Gift For You

As a Thank You from Steven Burgess, claim your FREE copy of The Merlin Exercise: Planning from the Future. It’s an effective way of planning a project, large or small and was even used to get a Man on the Moon in the 60’s! It’s method is effective tool for your business and in your life.